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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as potential customers in our metropolitan city of Hamburg and inform you of some of the basic conditions regarding the economic factors in the retail sector here in Hamburg.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with 1.76 million inhabitants. More than 4.2 million people live in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Hamburg is the most popular metropolis in Germany with its high quality of life; the majority of Germany's millionaires live in Hamburg. With a current purchasing power index of 107, the absolute retail purchasing power (Rank 07-2008 GfK) in Hamburg amounts to 17.6 billion Euros, behind Berlin with 23.9 billion Euros and in front of Munich, currently at 17.2 billion Euros.

Hamburg, as a metropolitan region with a catchment area of over 4.2 million people, is one of the most dynamic areas of business and commerce in Europe. Detailed information concerning Hamburg's business centre including all the key information about its business and commerce can be found on the Hamburg web page www.hamburg.de.

Hamburg's retail location is one of the most attractive in northern Europe, distinguished by the so-called "centre hierarchy". The City of Hamburg, including the regional and city centres in its catchment area, with its significant metropolitan sales volume, is a leader. The City of Hamburg's retail locations are divided into City East and City West by the River Alster. City East is characterised by the Spitalerstrasse and Mönckebergstrasse shopping streets, with its pedestrian zones, which are the most frequented streets situated between the main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) and the Town Hall Market (Rathausmarkt). This is by far the most important consumer focal point with increasingly varied consumer possibilities. The Europa Passage, completed in October 2006 linked the area to City West creating an additional retail space of 30,000 m².

Hamburg City West lies between Jungfernstieg railway station, Neuer Wall, Grosse Bleichen and Gänsemarkt and is marked by its superb range of products. The micro location offers a wide range of high value and exclusive wares in the trendy retail areas and in the areas under development. The BID project, Neuer Wall www.bid-NeuerWall.de, is an example of Hamburg's commitment, to its change to an exclusive high quality shopping mile, which will be iconic in international retail trading. .

Hamburg is the number one city for shopping centres and malls. The retail area encompasses more than 2.2 million m², 20% of which is occupied by over 50 shopping centres and malls. In the city alone there are 15 malls and each one has an individual architectural and retail structure, for example the Levantehaus www.levantehaus.com in Mönckebergstrasse, the historical Mellin-Passage at Neuer Wall, the traditional Kaufmannhaus, the Hanse Viertel and Hamburger Hof malls at Grosse Bleichen, the Galleria at Grossen Bleichen..

For further information about Hamburg retail locations I recommend that you visit the Hamburg retail registry at www.hk24.de and also the Hamburg web site www.hamburg.de.

The rents for space in Hamburg is between €25m² up to €300 m² per month basic rent excluding heating and extras. We shall be pleased to provide you with details for individual locations.

Your enquiries are welcome and we are more than happy to offer you advice on an individual basis, regarding a suitable location for a retail location for your business for your success in our city.

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